Ricky and Lennon LaRicci Acoustic Electric Keyboard Duo

Rockin’ the House with Rick and Lennon LaRicci

It is rare to find a father-son musician duo performing in the Ocean City and Delaware Beaches area. Ricky and Lennon LaRicci are one very popular duo (The G-Men make up another such duo).

Ricky and Lennon LaRicciRick and Lennon play at venues all over the Ocean City area as well as “back home” in Baltimore. Here’s a unique quote from Lennon’s website: “Along the way bandmates have come and gone, but what still remains is Rick and his son Lennon doing what they love everyday…playing music.”

Visit their website at LennonLaRicciandTheLeftovers.com and their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/lennonlaricciandtheleftovers.

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