Local Musicians Join the OC Entertainment Calendar

The newest addition to the local music scene…

iOceanCity Guitar Neck Ad…is also the most comprehensive Entertainment Calendar in the area. Launched at the end of 2016, it is already becoming quite popular, with several talented local musicians sending us their schedules.

It’s no wonder why, either. The calendar has many advantages for local entertainers:

There are now four places the schedule is being displayed (instead of just the one as last year).

In addition:
  • OCtheBeach receives thousand of visits each week (even off-season).
  • The related Facebook Page has20,000+ “Likes.”
  • The related Twitter Page has over 8,000 “Followers.”
  • Upcoming gigs are automatically displayed – in list format – for each month
  • FREE!* There is no charge for local musicians.

Musicians & venues: for more info contact Bill @ OCtheBeach.com.

Please note, that we cannot accept just anyone or any venue and the calendar will soon be at capacity. We do not want to overwhelm our thousands of weekly readers, many of whom have been visiting OCtheBeach.com for nearly 20 years.

*How can we do this at no charge? OCtheBeach.com has been “earning its keep” for 18 years via commissions from hotel reservations, ad-share revenue from a national advertising source and from product sales. 

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