About the i Ocean City Entertainment Calendar

Live Entertainment Abounds in the Ocean City area.

We started the iOceanCity.com Live Entertainment Calendar because we like music and enjoy live entertainment, in particular. Remember, “You can’t download a live entertainment experience.

iOceanCity Logo w shadowTell me about a good acoustic guitarist with “classic vinyl” on his or her set list and we’ll be there. Clue me in to a small band rocking the oldies and we’ll be there. Tell me about a cool venue with live entertainment and we’ll certainly check it out. A chance to dance in an intimate setting and we’re good to go.

While we appreciate quality talent, we don’t like large, crowded places. Therefore you won’t find listings for the mega-bars in this guide.

What’s here is mostly focusing on the main calendar with a list of performers, venues and performance dates and times. While we strive for accuracy – events do change and we are not always notified – THEREFORE – we strongly urge you to check with the venue before going out of your way to be there. The calendar detail pages, in most cases, provide a telephone number, an address, a map and the web address for each venue.

Disclaimer: It does take a certain investment in time, effort and server expenses to operate a website such as this. Therefore you will see some ads from national sources and some that lead to another of our web properties where we show products for sale, such as personal checks and business checks. If you find need of one of these products, your purchase may earn us a small commission (without affecting the actual price).

Disclaimer #2: At his point we do not sell ads to the listed entertainers, duos or bands. Their inclusion in this guide is based on our experiences in the local music scene and not on dollars changing hands. A certain band or performer NOT being included does not mean we find anything wrong with what they do. It means they either haven’t asked yet or we have not yet heard them.